Online therapy during Covid

Researches has proven that online therapy can deal with low mood and depressive disorders as effective as in direct treatment in therapy office. At some point or the other, many of us may need help in sharing what we are feeling and how to handle the current realities. As your psychotherapist, my mission however is still the same and that is helping you by delivering high quality psychotherapy and sex counselling in London. I stand by you and support you to manage your stress levels and difficult situations during these times by offering psychotherapy online.

Who can benefit from online therapy?

Anyone who wishes to do better in their situation by having better mental health, resolve emotionally difficult problems, perform better in work, studies, expressing emotions in a better manner, manage emotional challenges, have better relationships, or just think more positively. Sometimes people also want online sex counselling or online sex therapy in London for sex-related issues and concerns.
Depression and anxiety (including social anxiety – SAD, and generalised anxiety – GAD) are one of the most common types of mental disorders, which can be effectively treated with online therapy. Research has proven that online counselling can deal with low mood and depressive disorders as effective as in direct treatment in therapy office. Journal of Affective Disorders and other studies published in BMC Psychiatry comparative data of the two treatment modalities and found that online treatment of depression and anxiety are as effective as traditional counselling in therapy room.

What can you expect from online therapy?

When I offer psychotherapy online, I’m interested of your personal history, family background, current issues, and personal circumstances as well as your own coping strategies developed within years for these concerns. It is also crucial for me to conduct thorough risk assessment, so we both can evaluate the risk of suicidal toughs, self-harm or neglect as well as risk of the others in your surroundings.
Prior to the assessment you will receive a standardized psychometric questionnaires to be filled in and guidance for remote therapy for you to read through along with the netiquettes to follow during the video psychotherapy online.
All this is completely confidential, and this process is handled in a positive manner. Once I have all this data, I will analyse it as your therapist and then recommend appropriate solutions over a relevant number of therapy sessions.
My aims is to understand your feelings, thoughts, and behaviour, which causes you to feel more anxious or depressed, and how you can manage it in a more appropriate and healthy manner.

How you will benefit from online therapy?

If you are seeking psychotherapy for yourself or any of your known contacts, you can well suggest them an online therapy during these times. There is no need to wait for the Covid-19 pandemic to get over, as sometimes the issues can be quite urgent and need to be handled at the earliest.
Even though you may feel that online counselling may be something new to you or your known, note that cyberpsychology tells us that once we are connected with someone, no matter what is the means of communication, we still perceive importance of the same relationship with the other person and between us. This is because of the nature of the online virtual space wherein two individuals occupy with one another even though they are in physically two different places. In fact, video connections are often expected to be more intimate as an experience. This kind of communication is a feeling of almost being there with the other person.
Hence, it can make this therapy as a virtual space which combines both the parties and their surrounding environments in one place as if the client were transported to the place where the therapist is placed or vice versa. This makes them both feel that they are together, and the online environment ends up offering more freedom to both involved in the process.

When online therapy should not be used?

Not every person will benefit from online counselling and to treat some of complex symptoms of a mental health condition, where often suicidal ideation or self-harm are active, may require close and direct treatment in one of the London’s psychotherapy offices. Nevertheless, the data from various researches suggests that using online counselling may increase the likelihood that a person will seek out face-to-face help and receive essential guidance of how to find needed support. Thus, while this form of consultation may not always be appropriate as the solution for every condition, it may help to decide on further steps towards a more intensive form of treatment with multidisciplinary team.